Let’s Talk

Can I be transparent with you today?  Can I really be just blunt?  Can I say how I feel….really?  I don’t want to be judged or ridiculed but I want to be loved and my words received as me just being me so let’s talk.

I am a woman who loves God and the things of God.  I am Saved and Holy Ghost filled however;  there are times when ME, Myself, and I better know as the flesh has its moments.  Some saved people believe that if you admit or speak on these feelings, you are letting the enemy talk to you or control you but I beg to differ.  The very thing we call the devil is just our personal feelings.

Can a Saint be transparent enough to express their inner feelings without questioning their relationship with God?  Can we just admit that our faith is a little weak?  Can I tell I tell you that I’m in a bad place and your pray for me and not preach at me?  Can I say to you let’s talk?

When we go through these moments, it doesn’t always mean that you’re not saved, backslidden or lost relationship with God, it could mean that you a human being, having a human experience.  I’m Still Saved!

With A Servants Heart


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