Discard means to throw something away because it is useless or unwanted; to remove.

Trash is thrown away, old clothes are removed from our closets, items we no longer need or desire are given away, passed down or just thrown away; however we do these things to one another.

A seven letter word can cause damage and growth at the same time.

People, are discarded just like our day to day trash, but not at first.  We esteem them so highly in the beginning but as soon as they no longer act as we feel they should, we get  rid of them or should I say “Throw them away”!

As we grow in God, we should also grown in Grace, but instead we become critical of those who haven’t grown as quickly.  We find many faults in them that we decide it time to move or remove people from our lives but if you look back, these same faults were there – we just overlooked them.

As we outgrow clothing in the natural, we either take them in or give them away so should we do people in the spiritual.  If we outgrow people spiritually then we should take them in by encouraging them and showing love.  We should also give them away to God through our intercession on their behalf.  We should never get to the point where we think we’re better than anyone.  The bible declares that we should not think more highly of ourselves. Romans 12:3 (paraphrased)  We should not discard others like yesterday’s trash because we have faults and have made a few errors along the way.

Remember, we are our sister and brothers keeper and that doesn’t mean only the ones we are close to, that fit in our circle, but also those that may challenge you a little or a lot!  It also includes those who mistreat you, lie on you, and the list can go on and on.  If we are truly striving to be like Christ, then we have to do it! YES, even the things or people we want to discard.

God didn’t discard (throw away or remove) us when we went through our time of indecisiveness, so who are we to think we should do it to others.

Let us show love and grace one to another!  People Matter


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